Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aiden O'Shae in Total NonStop Action

Jay Bradley is a true professional wrestler.  He isn;t a guy who jumps pff pf garages or smashes people with barbed wire bats.  He is old school and he is fun to watch.
I've known of Jay for many years.  I've known him for about 4 years, first seeing him at Resistance Pro.  I am sure he would have held RPRO gold if not for his busy wrestling schedule overseas and with TNA wrestling.  He's also the kind of wrestler who doesn't need the gold.
The world of pro wrestling is filled with politics and shenanigans.  I don't claimn to know all of what happens backstage.  I don't know why someone like Jay has never had a bigger push in the WWE or TNA.  I think he has what it takes to be a regular on the card.
I will respectfully admit I do not care for the Aiden O'Shae character.  It's not that I don't like Jay's work.  I just like Jay as Jay.  Jay doesn't need a thug gimmick.  He's an arse-kicker, lone wolf.  That is his character.  That is him.  Changing him into a stereotypical Irish street tough gimmick detracts from the talent that is Jay.  Of course, this is just my opinion.  I don't run the wrestling companies.  I am simply a fan who has an insider's view.  I see Jay and I think he deserves more exposure.
I also want to say that Jay has always treated me with nothing but respect and friendship over the years.  He is a true pro.  If you want to see an excellent wrestling match, check out Jay (or Aiden) in action!
Jay Bradley and me in Waukesha, WI-December 2015.

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