Saturday, August 27, 2016

Michael Nesmith at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

The Monkees was one of the first television shopws I remember really watching.  I had no idea of the origins, backstory, behind-the-scenes stuff.  I just knew it was a fun show with good music (yes, I later learned some of the music wasn't really them).
They have endured enough criticism over the years for silly reasons.  Why not just enjoy their music, no matter how it all came together.  Does any of that make their music less enjoyable?
Even the individual Monkees at times have bristled at the Monkees, but I also think they all came to appreciate just what it was.
Michael Nesmith was probably the least embracing of the Monkees of the four.  He did occasionally join the others for various reunion converts, but he pretty much did his own thing most of the time.
Unfortunately, there will be no more full reunions, because of the premature passing of Davy Jones.  Nesmith might have been affected the most in a way though.  He seems more accepting of the Monkees now.  Maybe he sees how fragile life is and how quickly it all goes.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Davy Jones, but thanks to the Motor City Comic Con, I have met Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz.  I really thought it would end with just those two.
I was a bit surprised to see Nesmith listed as a celebrity guest this year.  That alone would make the trip worth it.
I am happy to report that Nesmith was a fantastic guest.  He was in a great mood and seemed relaxed and happy there.  Despite my press credentials, I di not go for an interview.  I was just happy to meet him and talk to him ever so briefly.  I love the picture.  We look like three old buddies just hanging out (perhaps on a Pleasant Valley Sunday?).
Thank you to Nesmith for giving this to his fans.  Thanks to the MCCC for bringing Nesmith to his fans!
Cuzz Gekas, Michael Nesmith and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.


Mark Hoyle said...

No stocking hat.

Jean Parker said...

The picture does look like old high school friends' reunion!!
Very nice!