Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ted Raimi at Flashback Weekend 2016

Ted Raimi has a lengthy resume on television and the big screen.  He's one of those actors when you immediately recognize and can list a ton of his work off the top of your head, but everyone might have a different list.  After I posted the picture on Facebook, one friend even commented about Raimi writing original "Joxer the Mighty" song in Xena, which I completely forgot.
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Raimi at Flashback Weekend.  I love celebrity guests like him.  He is sort of under-the-radar, despite his impressive body of work.  He is also very personable and funny.  He complimented me on my glasses.  I returned the sentiment about his suit.
That's another unique thing.  Not many celebs dress up like that.  It was a nice touch from a class act.
For me, Raimi was one of the real highlights of a jam-packed Flashback Weekend.  It's just one more reason why Flashback Weekend is a yearly staple on my convention list!
Ted Raimi and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2016.

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