Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Heroes and Legends of Pro Wrestling VII

I had a blast at Heroes and Legends of Pro Wrestling VI, but unfortunately will not be able to attend Heroes and Legends VII on Saturday, October 22.  Still, I can support it, because it is a great show run by a good guy.
Jayson Maples runs Heroes and Legends out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He works very hard at putting together a great night of wrestling and wrestler appearances.  In contrast to the rough world of pro wrestling, if you are friends with Jayson on Facebook, you will see the cutest pictures of his little guy Noah.
Back to the wrestling, VII is going to be incredible.  Slated to appear are Ryback, Vicki Guerrero, Lex Luger, Nikita Koloff, The Godfather, Dutch Mantell, Raven, Swoggle, Gary Michael Cappetta and more.  That lineup alone is worth admission.  For me, Nikita by himself would have been enough to go, if I wasn't out of town.
On the wrestling card are Damien Sandow, Carlito, Ricardo Rodriguez, Tracy Smothers, Steve Lombardi and more.  A few of my friends from Resistance Pro,. including Sugar Dunkerton, Scotty Young and Jake Omen, will also be in the ring.
The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum is a great place to watch, since all seats offer excellent views.  There are plenty of good dining and hotel options nearby, too.
While I will not be at Heroes and Legends VII, I will be there in spirit.  I will also look forward to an announcement about VIII, because I'm hoping my schedule permits me to make that event.  For more info, check out HeroesandLegendsWrestling.com.
Jayson Maples and me in Fort Wayne, IN-March 2016.

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