Wednesday, October 19, 2016

James Finn Garner at C2E2 2016

I knew James Finn Garner was a legit best selling author, but I did not realize just how successful he has been.  At Wizard World Chicago 2016, I learned of his tours on the talk show circuit.  Aside from his satirical fiction, I'd love to see him write a book about celebrity encounters.
JFG has written the Politically Correct Trilogy, that being two "Bed Time Stories" books and one "Holiday Stories" book.  I have only read excerpts thus far, but I find them hilarious and I plan on pcking up the books at the next con (yes, start my tab, JFG).
What originally caught my eye was his Rex Koko series.  Clown Noir seemed like such a unique concept.  He describes it as "the award-winning series, where "Freaks" meets "The Maltese Falcon."  That's pretty funny and pretty accurate.  These books I own and I absolutely love and recommend.
JFG can usually be found in full Rex Koko garb at comic cons.  He usually shares booth space with friend and Parodist Paul Erickson (tomorrow's feature here).  Stop by his booth anytime for some good laughs.  Also check out for all info and updates.
James Finn Garner and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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