Sunday, October 9, 2016

On the Beat With Coach Kate Drohan of the Northwestern Wildcats

I am very happy to announce that Johngy's Beat will be covering the Northwestern Women's softball team starting with the 2017 season.  As an introduction for all involved, we talked to Coach Kate Drohan prior to yesterday's Fall Classic games.
As NIU Director of Digital and Social Communications Doug Meffley introduced us to Coach Drohan, I was immediately impressed.  A firm handshake, a welcoming smile and a warm greeting are always a good start.  I always realize that the coach is there to work and even a short interview can be an unwanted interruption, but Coach Drohan was ready and willing to talk to us.
Coach Drohan had a stellar playing career at Providence, being named three times to the All-Big East team.  She started her coaching career as an assistant at Boston College for 2 seasons.  She joined Northwestern's coaching staff in 1998, under the legendary Coach Sharon Drysdale.  In 2002, Drohan was named head coach.
Under Coach Drohan, the Wildcats have gone 507-297-1, but as she states in the interview below, Coach Drohan is about more than just statistics.  I felt her passion for the sport and the young ladies in the brief time we talked.  I later saw it on the field during the games of the Fall Classic.
You can learn more about Coach Drohan (including all of the statistics, records, awards etc) on her Northwestern Softball Coaching Staff Page.  Also, head to Northwestern Softball's main page to get all the info on the team, including the roster, schedule, standings and more.
I seriously could have talked to Coach Drohan for an hour.  There is so much more I want to ask her and to discuss.  I am so excited as this journey begins.  I am sure during the course of the 2017 season, I will have plenty of chances to talk to Coach Drohan and ask enough questions to fill a notebook (or at least my website and the others where this coverage will appear).  For now, I just wanted to get the ball rolling and start with an introduction of sorts for the softball team, me, and the readers.  I look forward to more softball fun, when the weather gets warm again.  I hope you all enjoy this trip, too.
Thank you to the Northwestern University Athletic Department, Doug Meffley and Coach Kate Drohan for their time and consideration.  Go 'Cats!

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