Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paul Erickson at C2E2 2016

Yesterday, I featured James Finn Garner, friend and boothmate of Paul Erickson, today's featured celebrity.  Singularly and together, these two are gold.
You can usually find Erickson dressed in some form of Hobbit gear at comic cons.  In that world of colorful characters, Erickson always manages to stand out.  It could be his outgoing personality.  He is always in front of the table, gently steering people towards any of his books.
He has written The Wobbit: A Parody, Jar Jar Wars and others.  The books are a lively romp through the various worlds they parody.  You don't have to be a fan of either "franchise" to enjoy Erickson's take.  In fact, I enjoyed Erickson's parodies more than I enjoyed the originals.  Don't tell him that though.  His massive ego will be out of control.
Actually, Erickson is pretty humble.  He lets his humor do the selling.  Occasionally he does a panel, which are as fun as they are productive in pushing his books (or at least his brand).
Obviously, I am friends with Erickson, but I don;t have to write this.  I truly enjoy his parodies and look forward to more.
You can check out his Jar Jar Wars and his other books at  You'll also find updates and other fun stuff.
Why are we eating fruit in the picture?  Nobody wants to see a hobbit eating a meatball sub.
Paul Erickson and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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