Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On the Beat With Zach Thompson at Resistance Pro's "Road to Ruin"

Samuel J. Thompson was one of the first people from Resistance Pro who communicated with me prior to RPro's debut.  Sam was a bundle of positive energy and firmly behind making RPro a success.
I had no idea about Sam's health or history.  I had no idea of his impact on others then and I certainly had no idea of his future lasting impact on everyone, including me.  I just knew he seemed like a good guy and he was interested in me providing some coverage and promotion for RPro.
Unfortunately, I never got to know Sam very well.  Sam passed away while RPro was just beginning.  This was everyone's loss.  This was my loss, a loss slightly lessened by getting to know him through so many others though.  I wish I could have known Sam as well as some others, but I am happy to know him because of so many others.  The memory and legacy of Sam lives on.
Every year, RPro honors and remembers Sam with the Sam Thompson Memorial.  This year, that was the "Road to Ruin" event of last Saturday.
Prior to the event, I had the honor of interviewing Sam's brother (and RPro broadcaster) Zach Thompson.  Zach talked about what RPro meant to Sam, what Sam meant to others and Sam's lasting impact.
I have done a lot of interviews over the years.  My annual interview with Zach at the Sam Thompson Memorial is always one of my most treasured.  It means a lot to me to be able to honor Sam in my own little way and to help keep his memory alive (not that he needs my help).  Although I barely knew Sam, I feel the loss, but more importantly I feel the connection.  Like so many others, I am better for having known Sam (even as briefly as I did).
Sam's "Never, never, never give up" motto has inspired me and has helped me get through hard times.  I love you Sam and will never forget you.

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