Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lizard Lick's Amy Shirley Loves Johngy's Beat

Amy Shirley burst onto the scene with he husband Ronnie on the reality television show Lizard Lick.  They were the owners of Lizard Lick and the show centered around the business and their life.  They were colorful, likeable characters.
Surprisingly, the show lasted only four seasons.  I thought it ran longer. It should have run longer!  It was one of the best reality-based shows on television.
Of course, I might be biased.  I thought Amy was the best.  Who didn't love her?  She was tough as nails (a legitimate fighter) and she was as cute as can be.  She was dynamite in a small package!
Amy was kind enough to do a promo for Johngy's Beat.  How cool is that?  Someday, I hope to meet Amy at a comic con.  The Lizard Lick folks would be perfect for a comic con!
Of course, if that happens, I will report it right back here.  Until then, you can follow Amy on twitter for all of her news and updates.

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