Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kristy McNichol Was Like A Buddy

Back in the 70's, didn't everyone love "Buddy" on tv's Family?  Kristy McNichol played the youngest daughter in the Lawrence family.  She was a bit of a tomboy, which made her even more likable to all.  She won two Emmy Awards for her performance.  Later, McNichol had a successful run co-starring on tv's Empty Nest.  
In addition to those two popular series, McNichol did a lot of episodic television, along with movies.  She was quite active until her retirement from acting in 2001.
I have met McNichol several times and she is a real sweetheart.  At one convention, we talked a bit about her brother Jimmy.  At another, Jimmy was there and we all talked.  The McNichol siblings appear to be close.  It was cool to see these former child actors looking so good and being so personable.  I really felt like I was having with old school chums.
It really is weird (in a good way) meeting these peole who I watched on tv when I was a kid.  Now, with the internet, cell phone pictures/videos, these conventions etc., you see celebrities around all the time.  Back then, I had no idea I would ever meet any of these people.  It was a huge deal to exchange greetings with a baseball player when he signed an autograph before a game.  Times change.
By the way, for you trivia buffs, Kristy's given name is Christine (with a "C").  Also, he character's real name on Family was "Letitia."
Kristy McNichol and me in Rosemont, IL-October 2014.


Jean Parker said...

Wow .... I loved that show! Very cool to meet these celebs!

Nancy said...

Loved this show also. Great that you got to meet her.