Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thank You Bill Sokolis and Aaron Moore

The Chicago Bandits have undergone major changes of late.  The full story is on Justin's World of Softball at Chicago Bandits' Ownership Changes Hands, but in short, the Village of Rosemont is taking ownership of the team.
Owner Bill Sokolis and GM Aaron Moore are no longer officially with the team.  I would like to use today to express my thanks and appreciation to both of these men.
Class organizations start at the top and for the Bandits, that was former owner Sokolis.  His contributions to the world of softball are numerous.  He has been a great supporter and promoter of the very under-appreciated sport.
Sokolis treated me well from our first encounter.  Some of the best times I had at the Ballpark in Rosemont were along the right field foul line with him.  Seeing his passion and discussing the team with him was always a pleasure.  The players loved him.  It was pure joy seeing their interactions.
Former GM Moore did a great job assembling the Bandits every season.  Champions are not built by accident.  The Bandits always brought in excellent players and quality people.  Like Sokolis, Moore treated me well from the onset.
I am sure both men will be around.  Moore has since been named Softball Coach at Maine West.
I wish both men the best of luck and I sincerely thank them for their time, consideration, professionalism and friendship.  I also thank them for back-to-back National Pro Fastpitch titles.  Covering the Bandits under their leadership has been a fantastic experience.
Aaron Moore, Bill Sokolis and me in Chicago, IL-August 2015.

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