Friday, March 31, 2017

Danielle Zymkowitz and the Wisconsin Badgers

Danielle Zymkowitz was one of the first Chicago Bandits who really stood out when I saw my first National Pro Fastpitch game in Rosemont.  She was a smooth infielder and a solid hitter.  She just had that "ballplayer" vibe to her.
After the game, I did my research and learned she had a fantastic career at the University of Illinois.  She won a starting job with the Bandits in her rookie season of 2011.  She also earned all-NPF honors and a Rookie of the Year nomination.  She has been a pleasure to watch over the years.
Because of her talent and her personality, Danielle has been one of the most popular Bandits.  She worked very hard honing her craft, but also gave a lot of herself to the many young fans.  She also gave me her time for several interviews over the years and I appreciate it great ly.
Danielle began her coaching career as a student assistant while at Illinois.  Fast forward several years and she is now an assistant coach with the Wisconsin Badgers.  Like her Wisconsin coaching colleague Kirsten Verdun, Danielle is just at the beginning of what should be a long and successful career.
I had the pleasure of cacthing up a bit after the series finale on Sunday.  During the series, I watched her coach.  Danielle looked very happy, relaxed and enthusiastic.
I want to publicly thank Danielle for her contributions to the successs of the Bandits over the years.  I also want to thank her for her time and consideration in always talking to me, whether in interviews or just around the ballpark.  Danielle is all class.  I wish her well and I look forward to watching her coaching career progress.
Danielle Zymkowitz and me in Evanston, IL-March 2017.

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Jean Parker said...

Congrats to Danielle in her new Assistant Coach position!