Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kirsten Verdun and the Wisconsin Badgers 2017

I have covered the Chicago Bandits for the last three seasons.  Midway through the 2015 season, something happened which I will never forget.
Until that day, Kirsten Verdun was just one of the Bandits.  I totally respected and appreciated all of the Bandits.  Kirsten was one of the pitchers.  I had interviewed her a couple times and had talked with her around the ballpark.
The fateful day occurred in August.  I learned I would be getting to bat against the Bandits in a charity game.  As I sat in the dugout, my mind was racing.  I didn't even realize who I would be facing.
My name was announced and I grabbed my bat.  When I looked at the mound, I saw Kirsten standing there.  Four pitches later, I was heading back to the dugout.  I hadn't even touched any pitch, but I did manage to coax a ball out of her.
Kirsten was throwing around 60+ mph (which translates to about 90+)  I really didn't have a chance, but I had a blast.  I have joked about this many times since then, including with my nemesis Kirsten.  Actually, Kirsten was as sweet as could be and has been a great sport about reminiscing about my one at bat.
When I saw the Northwestern Wildcats were playing Wisconsin, I immediately was looking forward to seeing Kirsten, who is an assistant coach for the Badgers.
After the first game, I saw Kirsten and we briefly talked and took the picture below.  It's always good seeing former Bandits, but I will always have a special place for Kirsten.
She has now retired from the Bandits and is embarking on a career in coaching.  I am confident Kirsten will do well in coaching.  In addition to her talent, she is very knowledgable and personable.  Having been around her at the ballpark, I have seen her work ethic.  I have seen her helping other players and also learning from players and coaches.
I really want to publicly thank Kirsten for her contributions to the Bandits, but also for her friendship and consideration.  I look forward to watching her career develop and I will always look back on that one at bat and smile.
Kirsten Verdun and me in Evanston, IL-March 2017.

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Jean Parker said...

It is so nice to hear good stories. Congrats to Kirsten on her coaching job!