Monday, March 27, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Mike Bucci and Hardcore Heather Owens

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I'm starting off "Days of the Dead Week" by featuring a Days staffer, who happens to be a friend and a wrestler and another wrestler who happens to be a friend.  Confused?  It all makes sense at Days of the Dead.
Hardcore Heather is a wrestler I met through Resistance Pro.  Mike Bucci (aka Nova, Simon Dean and more) is a former wrestler I met through RPro.  Both have become friends of mine.
I knew Mike lived in the area, but I completely forgot that, until Heather texted me Saturday night to tell me Mike was there and looking for me.  I quickly got back to the hotel, because I hadn't seen Mike in a couple years.  We talked and laughed about old times, including our interview years back.
Wait, this is about Heather.  Well, I owe Heather for me reconnecting with Mike.  Heather also had a good time with the rest of the wrestlers and crew, as is the usual practice at the Days of the Dead events.  It really is like a family reunion.
Ironically, I somehow missed getting my own picture with Heather.  I know I already have a few with her, but I always like to get new ones at each event.
Heather Owens and Mike Bucci in Louisville, KY-September 2016.

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