Monday, April 3, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Joe Theismann and Sherry Garrity

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I met Sherry Garrity at a Chicago Bliss practice a few years ago.  I immediately felt that she was a whirlwind, dynamo type.  Time proved me to be correct on that one.
Sherry was a bit (just a bit) older than the age group to be a player, but she was extremely fit and probably could have made the team if that was her goal.  She had other visions though.  She did a ton of marketing for the team, as well as handling many other game-day duties.  She was a valuable asset to the team.
She has since moved on from the team, but she is still doing many great things.  At Super Bowl LI, she was mingling with so many NFL greats I lost count, but I was envious of her each time I saw another picture.
One such NFL great was former quarterback Joe Theismann.  I was a fan of Theismann and even had a Redskins Thesmann jersey back in the day.  He was an MVP in 1983 was the Offensive Player of the Year.
After a great career at Notre Dame, Theismann was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, but signed with the Toronto Argonauts instead.  After three seasons there, the Redskins acquired his rights from the Dolphins and Theismann joined them.  He was a punt returner in his first season, but eventually became the starting quarterback in 1978.  He lead the team to two Super Bowls.  A broken leg ended his 1985 season and his career.
It's always fun following Sherry on social media, even if I do gnash my teet at some of the cool people she is meeting.  Still, Sherry deserves it all.  She's as sweet as she is smart and friendly.
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Sherry Garrity and Joe Theismann in Houston, TX-February 2017.

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