Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jay Brant at C2E2 2016

Jay Brant has perfected a simple art concept.  He jokes that his "Heads Up" style was developed because of his limited artistic ability.  As the name implies, "Heads Up" focuses on the heads of his subjects (usually in the superhero or cartoon field).  
You can see some of his work in the background of our picture below.  He has dozens more and he also does commissions.  I have one of his Aquaman pieces in my collection.
I still think it would be cool if Brant incorporated pro wrestlers into his gallery.  The cartoonish aspect of wrestling would lend itself perfectly to his work.
I always look forward to seeing Brant at conventions to see any new creations.  I also like the visual that his wall of "heads" creates.
Follow Heads Up Studios on Facebook to get all of the latest news on Brant.  You can also see a lot of his creations on his Heads Up Studios DeviantArt site.
Jay Brant and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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