Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Arn Anderson at Motor City Comic Con 2016

The Motor City Comic Con has a history of adding wrestlers to their celebrity guest lineup.  Last year, the MCCC had their greatest wrestling combination ever with arguably the best version of the Four Horsemen.
Headliner Ric Flair was joined by Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and JJ Dillon.  I had previously met all of them individually, except for Anderson.  Aside from getting a group shot, I was excited about meeting AA.
Anderson is one of the greatest wrestlers to never hold the heavyweight title in the main companies.  He carved out his legendary career as "The Enforcer," his nickname and his role in the Horsemen.  Anderson had been on my "want" list for years.  Thanks to the fine folks at MCCC, I was able to finally meet Anderson.
Despite being swamped by a huge line of fans, Anderson was very relaxed and gave each a special moment.  "Okay, let's throw it up there," he saidas I approached him.  I knew immediately that he meant to raise the four fingers, the famous salute of the Horsemen.  Of course, I complied.  Joining Anderson in a Horsemen salute is a wrestling fan's dream.
Anderson talked a bit about being by Flair's side for most of their careers.  He also talked about working as an agent for the WWE and helping future stars develop in and out of the ring.  Anderson was one of the best talkers in wrestling.  He didn't say much, nor did he yell, but his promos were killer.
This year, the MCCC is bringing in Sting, another legendary wrestler.  Anderson and the Horsemen had historic battles with Sting over the many years they worked in WCW together.  Those are my "golden years" of wrestling.
I thank Anderson for his time.  I thank the MCCC for their hospitality and for bringing in great guests.  I look forward to this year's MCCC.  For more info, including this year's guest lineup, check out
Arn Anderson and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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