Thursday, May 4, 2017

Alex Breckenridge at Motor City Comic Con 2016

At the last Motor City Comic Con, Cuzz Gekas and I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Breckenridge.  An accomplished actress, Breckenridge is probably most known for her role on tv's The Walking Dead.
I always say that one role (any role) on a franchise like TWD will set you for a long time on the comic con circuit.  Twenty years after Seinfeld left the air, one-episode characters are still going strong at cons.  TWD actors are already experiencing that demand and it should continue for years to come.
Breckenridge was happy to discuss TWD, but we talked more about her interest in photography.  She had her first exhibit in 2008.  Through her photgraphy, she hopes to "evoke feeling and to inspire."
Her cityscapes are breathtaking.  They range from artistic to beautiful to haunting.  All are simply wonderful though.  I went to her site to get a quick peak and ended up spending a lot of time just getting lost in her visions.
It's too bad that the comic con isn't conducive to showing her photographic skills.  Her work is quite beautiful, but booth space and the rabid nature of TWD fans don't really allow much room for her photography.
You can learn more about her photography at  You can also follow Breckenridge on twitter.
Cuzz Gekas, Alex Breckenridge and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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