Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jerry Lawler Loves Johngy's Beat

When you create a wrestling comic as good as Headlocked, you get to hang around wrestlers as good as Jerry "The King" Lawler.  Such is the case of Michael Kingston, the very, talented creator of Headlocked, a wrestling comic series about wrestling!
I make the distinction that it is about wrestling, because that was the genesis of the Headlocked series.  Kingston was tired of "wrestling" comics only being minimally about wrestling.  He solved his own problem with the creation of Headlocked and it has been picking up support ever since.
Enter Lawler, who signed on early on to be the permanent cover artist.  Lawler has accompanied Kingston to many promotional events, such as the recent C2E2, where I had the pleasure of interviewing Kingston.
You can watch that interview at On the Beat With Michael Kingston.  Check out for more info and updates.  Also follow Headlocked on Facebook and Headlocked on twitter.
Lawler doesn't just support Kingston and Headlocked.  He supports Johngy's Beat and so does Kingston.  They were kind enough to do a promo vdeo for the Beat.
Thank you to Lawler and Kingston for their time and consideration.  Than you to C2E2 for always granting me extra access.

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