Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cards That Never Were: Craig Robinson Topps 1978

Cards That Never Were is a recurring series in which I create virtual trading cards for players that did not have one in specific years.  It is a concept I have borrowed from too many to list, but I thanjk them all for their creativity.
Craig Robinson made his major league debut for the Philadelphia Phillie in 1972.  He made his Topps debut in the 1974 set and also appeard in the 1974 Traded set, after he was sent to the Atlanta Braves.  He appeared in the 1975 Topps set, but was not seen again in a Topps set.
His first season in 1972 produced 16 plate appearances and did not earn a Topps card.  He then had his streak of three cards in two years.  In 1975, with the Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants, he hit .065 in 49 plate appearances.In 1976, with the Giants and back with the Braves, he hit .267 in 40 plate appearances.  In 1977, in 30 plate appearances with the Braves, he hit .207.  Those years did not earn him a Topps card.
Pictures of Robinson are hard to find.  I managed to get one decent picture and I decided to make a career recapper card for him for the 1978 set.
If any of my talented fellow card creating bloggers can make one of him for 1973, 1976 or 1977, I'd love to see any.  Until then, I'll settle for this 1978 card I created.

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