Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mike Bocianowski at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Mike Bocianowski is one of the more interesting creators I have met at any comic con.  He is an artist, writer and creator.  His works focus on story-telling featuring family values, morals, ethics and all things good.
Two things that Mike dislikes are creations filled with violence, sex and other non-family oriented action and rehashing old works into new works.  Mike does neither.
Along those lines, Mike has created Yets!, an incredible world inhabited by a talking Guinea Pig, a feisty dog and a civilization which hasn't named itself yet (but I've been told not to call them dragons).  Yets! and Mike have garnered tremendous praise 
In a world which seems to increasingly tend towards the R-rated material, Mike is a refreshing change of pace.  I have nothing against racier material, but it's good to see quality work aimed at the younger audience or at least art which gives a different perspective.
You can get more info and updates at and the Yets! blog.  Of course, the best place to learn more about any artist is a comic con.  
Mike Bocianowski and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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