Friday, June 2, 2017

Good Bye, Good Luck and Thank You Sara Moulton

Sara Moulton had a great career at the University of Minnesota.  She racked up 112 wins and 5 no-hitters, along with a bunch of records, awards and achievements.
She was drafted by the Chicago Bandits, fifth overall in the 2014 National Pro Fastpitch draft.  She went on to pitch well over her three seasons with the Bandits.
Sara accomplished a lot on the field, but she accomplished more off the field.  She went through a tremendous transformation, losing many pounds through diet, exercise and determination.  It was great to see her get healthier and attain her goals.  She was an inspiration to all who saw her.
She also became part of Strike Zone Sports, a fastpitch training center in Eagan, Minnesota.  Obviously, this is a business for all, but it is also a passion for the instructors, including former Minnesota Gopher Michelle Harrison.  Like so many of the women softballers, the instructors really want to build the game and help the young players.
I had the pleasure of sitting at Sara's table at a Bandits banquet in 2015.  It was so much fun interacting with her and the other Bandits away from the field.
Sara is the Editor and a writer for  It's just another example of Sara sharing her knowledge and passing it on to others.
Sara recently announced her retirement from the NPF.  This is another tough loss for the NPF, the Bandits and the fans.  I interviewed Sara every year and it was fun watching her development as a player and person.
Sara will go on to do more great things, but she will always have a place in the hearts of Bandits' fans.  I will miss her spirit and enthusiasm.
Thank you to Sara for always having time to talk in or out of the media room.  Good luck with Strike Zone Sports and with all else.  You will always be a fun part of my NPF memories. 
Sara Moulton and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2016.

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