Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good Bye, Good Luck and Thank You Taylor Edwards

Like her twin sister Tatum, Taylor Edwards was a major star at Nebraska, racking up a long list of awards and accomplishments.  Unlike Tatum, Taylor never saw action on the mound, but she saw plenty behind the plate.
With Tatum, Taylor started her National Pro Fastpitch career with the Pennsylvania Rebellion.  She was traded with Tatum to the Chicago bandits and immediately entrenched herself as the top catcher and a major slugger.
My first real interaction with Taylor occurred during my at bat against the Bandits in a charity game.  Taylor advised me to step up a bit in the box.  She also asked me where I'd like the pitch.  I appreciated her efforts, but I had no chance either way.  Still, her banter really made me feel good, like part of the team or at least part of the Bandits experience.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Taylor three times.  Two were my regular interviews in Rosemont, while the other was in Akron.  Prior to the game, Iselected Taylor as my "Pick of the Game" and she did not disappoint.  She absolutely crushed a home run and had a great game.  I interviewed her after and told her about my pick.  Talking to Taylor in Akron on such a beautiful night after her fantastic game will always be one of the reaal highlights for me.
Unfortunately, the Bandits traded Taylor to the Scrapyard Dawgs earlier this year.  I am sure she will continue to flourish there and at least we get to see her a few times in Chicago.  It will be hard seeing her in the opposing uniform, but I bet she gets a huge round of applause and deservedly so.
Taylor is a great player and a fine young women.  She was such a pleasure to watch and to know.  I really enjoyed seeing her play and talking to her around the park.  I hope to get a quick interview with her at some point this season.
Thank you to Taylor for her great effort over the last two seasons.  Thanks for always having time for an interview or even just a little chatter.  Taylor is a special player and a special person.  Good luck Taylor.  We'll be cheering for you always.
Taylor Edwards and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2016.

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