Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On the Beat With Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman of "Land of the Lost"

Saturday morning television was a lot different when I was a kid.  It was a lot less high tech, but it was a lot more fun.  A huge part of my Saturday television experience was "Land of the Lost, " which ran for 3 seasons starting in 1974.
The Marshall family was on a camping trip and fell through a portal into an alternate universe.  This "land of the lost" was filled with dinosaurs, a civilization of people called "Pakuni" and lizard creatures called "Sleestak."  Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman portrayed the Marshall children.
The show was simple, even though the concept was a bit intricate.  Were they lost in their world or were they living parallel lives?  How did the portal and crystals work?  None of that really mattered though, because the heart of the show was the Marshall family and the interaction with each other and their new surroundings.
When I saw Wesley and Kathy would be appearing at the Wheaton All-Night Flea Market, I contacted both about doing an interview.  Both responded positively and quickly.  I had so many questions I would have loved to ask them, but I knew they would be very busy at the event.  Instead, I opted for just a fun, light interview.
Wesley and Kathy jumped into the fun immediately by belting out the theme song (originally sung by Wesley).  I'm sure I did not add to the harmony by jumping in, but when would I have another chance to sing with these two?  I had to join the fun.
We sailed through a short interview.  They talked about the fun they had and are having and their closeness.  Obviously, they are good friends (unrelated siblings, you might say).  We ended, appropriately, with the closing theme.
I cannot tell you how cool this was for me.  This is one of those moments I never could have imagined 40 years ago when I was watching them on Saturday morning.  I wasn't the only one basking in the nostalgia.  They were easily the most popular guests at the event.  Fans presented them with cool gifts, too.  Wesley and Kathy could not have been nicer or more appreciative of the fans.
Wesley and Kathy came well-prepared, too.  They had many 8x10's and Kathy brought her book, Run, Holly, Run! (available on Amazon).  They also brought a raft and paddles for cool photo ops!
This was tremendously fun for me.  For a few minutes, I was right back there watching their show as a kid.  I sincerely appreciate their time and consideration.  You can follow both of them on Facebook and hopefully you get a chance to meet them at a future convention!
Thank you Wesley and Kathy for entertainment back then and for being so awesome now.  I hope to catch you both again.


Jean Parker said...

Looks like the interview was a lot of fun. They both seem like awesome people! Loved that show!

Nancy said...

Loved watching that show when we were kids.