Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On the Beat With Zombie Bit Me at Wizard World Chicago 2017

Cosplaying is a huge part of Wizard World.  Many attendees arrive in full costumes and spend a good portion of their time posing for pictures with other attendees.  Zombie Bit Me is a cosplayer who has taken it to another level.
Zombie Bit Me, who describes herself as "deliciously undead," is brought in by many comic cons and other fan events.  She is an attraction all by herself and by the looks of the line to meet her at Wizard World Chicago, she is a very popular attraction.
Being my job as a reporter, I researched her a bit and discovered there is much more to Zombie Bit Me than just being a beautiful cosplayer.  She is in the process of producing her own comic book.  We talked about that comic book in the interview below.
In an event filled with colorful characters and celebrities of all types, I love finding the hidden gems like Zombie Bit Me.  She made it fun for all who came near her and it seemed like she was having a good time, too.  That makes for a perfect fan experience.
She has certainly gained a fan in me.  I will be looking forward to the release of her comic book and hopefully to seeing her at future events.
You can learn more about her, including seeing a lot of her other cosplay ensembles at  You can also follow Zombie Bit Me on Facebook, Zombie Bit Me on twitter and Zombie Bit Me on Instagram.  Hopefully, you will also see her here in the future.
Thank you to Wizard World for the continued hospitality.  Of course, a big thanks to Zombie Bit Me for taking a break from her many fans to talk to us for a moment.  It was my pleasure!

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