Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thank You Wizard World

Yesterday and Tuesday, I featured the interviews with Thomas Ian Nicholas and Zombie Bit Me from Wizard World.  My full recap can be found on the Patch at On the Beat at Wizard World Chicago 2017.  Today, I will complete my current coverage with a huge thanks to the Wizard World staff.
For me, it started many years ago with Jerry Milani, the Public Relations Manager.  The Pride of Fordham University has become more than just my Wizard World contact.  I consider Jerry to be a friend, as well.
Every interview I have gotten over the years at Wizard World are because of Jerry.  (All of those interviews can be found on the Johngy's Beat Wizard World playlist on YouTube.)  I owe him immensely just for my interview with actress Lauren Holly (one of my all-time celeb crushes).
Jerry is my main contact, but there are so many others within the organization who make Wizard World a success.  I can honestly say, I think the staff was more helpful, knowledgeable and organized than ever.
Just when I thought I had seen it all at Wizard World, they brought in Kato Kaelin to be the Celebrity Host.  Kato wasn't just a Celebrity figurehead.  He was working the entire time.  He mingled and engaged with the crowd.  He took hundreds (thousands?) of pictures with fans.  He joked and kept a running banter throughout the weekend.  He simply was amazing and one of the real highlights for a lot of the fans.
As I wrote in the Patch recap, I do not work for Wizard World.  Nobody there has ever told me what to write (or not to write).  I often praise Wizard World, because it is deserving of praise.  I enjoy my time there and I want everyone to experience the pop culture greatness that is Wizard World.
I thank all of the celebrities for their time and consideration last weekend.  I thank my readers (here, on, the, and elsewhere) for your support.  I thank Jerry for his time, patience and friendship.  I thank Wizard World for letting me do what I love doing.
Jerry Milani and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.


Jean Parker said...

Wizard World sounds like fun .... maybe some day I will follow you around!!

Unknown said...

Same here, my friend!

Eric Sloane said...

Hey Jerry - As Wizard World's gatekeeper, you have opened a whole world of pop culture to me and fellow reporters. Thanks to you, I have met so many graphic artists, cos players, actors and celebs. I interviewed Yaphet Kotto and had a fist-bump with Adam West.

Thanks again,

Dave Paull
Ground Zero Media