Sunday, September 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Matt

Today is Matt Parker's birthday.  I shall celebrate Big Money's day.
Matt and I have met a ton of celebrities together, one of the most famous being Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  Meeting Roberts was memorable enough, but meeting him with my nephew was one of those really surreal moments.
I remember seeing Roberts for the first time on WWF television before Matt was born.  Back then, I never imagined I would one day be talking to him.  I also never imagined meeting him with my nephew.  At the time of the picture, Matt was actually older than I was when I first saw Roberts on tv.
Today isn't about Roberts, but he does represent so many good times with Matt.  Of course, we have had lots of great times without celebrities, too.
Matt has grown into a great young adult.  He is now a married man with a little one on the way.  I am so happy for him and Erin.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness.
I am sure Matt and Erin are celebrating today.  In Matt's honor, I will raise a icy cold Coke and wish him the best from afar.
Happy birthday, Big Money.  I love ya, big guy!
Jake Roberts, Matt Parker and me in Chicago, IL-November 2012.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Matt!
I tried posting before but something didn't work.
Hope you had a great day!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Matt. Hope you had a great day.

Nancy said...
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