Thursday, October 26, 2017

Catching Up With Jay Bradley

Prior to Resistance Pro, I was aware of Jay Bradley, having seen him on WWE television and knowing he was a local guy.  At Resistance, I got to see him up close and actually know him.
The big departure of Billy Corgan (and several wrestlers) from RPro has been well-documented.  Jay was part of the departure.
I still followed Jay.  He went to TNA Impact Wrestling, but transformed into Aiden O'Shea, an Irish brawler.  Besides the fact that the Irish brawler gimmick has been done to death, I never liked that role for Jay.  He didn't need that gimmick.  He is a natural brawler.  That is Jay.  He brings down the boomstick and smashes you in the mouth.  I wouldn't tinker with any of his persona, except maybe to give him a manager as a mouthpiece.
Jay wasn't bad on the mic at RPro, but his strength is definitely in the ring.  Pairing him up with a manager to talk the talk and Jay could easily be a solid contributor to TNA (or WWE for that matter).
Aside from my angst over the gimmick, I feel a bit of a loss from not seeing Jay regularly at RPro.  He'll be the first to admit that he can be a bit of a caveman, but he was always fun to watch and he treated me well.  I had no complaints about Jay.
I have seen him a handful of times since his departure from RPro and it is always good.  I don't think he holds any animosity towards me (like some of the departed).  What I did to deserve that wrath of the few is still beyond me, but I don't worry about them anymore.  Jay doesn't seem to have that mindset, maybe because to Jay it is all about the wrestling.
This is part of what makes Jay great, even though it is also the source of some criticism hurled at him.  I don't see Jay playing games.
Wrestling is a tough business.  Sometimes it is who you know and how you "play the game" that gets you moved higher up the chain.  Like I have written, to Jay it is about the wrestling.
I recently saw Jay at the Wheaton All-Night Flea Market.  As always, he was fine with me.  He talked about not being with Impact at this time and about his upcoming wrestling gig n Japan.  I'm sure Jay will do well there.  The Japanese fan seems more interested in the in-ring stuff and that is where Jay excels.
I wish Jay well.  I have always liked him and his skills.  I wish things were different all around with the way RPro transitioned, but that's life.  I'm glad at least with Jay, things are okay.
Jay Bradley and me in Wheaton, IL-August 2017.

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