Saturday, January 20, 2018

Michael Kingston at C2E2 2017

Like a lot of wrestling and comics fans, Michael Kingston was not happy with the wrestling comics that were produced.  Michael didn't just complain online.  He did something about it.  He created his own wrestling comic.
Headlocked was the result.  In Headlocked, Mike Hartmann is a young theater major who drops out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a pro wrestler
The wrestling community (wrestlers and fans) have heaped praise on Headlocked.  Jerry "The King" Lawler loved it so much, he signed on as the permanent cover artist.  Many other wrestlers have contributed, including Rob Van Dam, Hurricane Helms, Ken Anderson, Christopher Daniels, Booker T, John Morrison, AJ Styles and Tony Atlas.  The full list would make a great wrestling company roster.  With the ever increasing popularity, I am certain many more wrestlers will be jumping on board.
My latest update interview with Michael can be found at On the Beat With Michael Kingston at C2E2 2017.  It's always a pleasure talking to Michael.  He is a real wrestling fan and a talented guy.  He also happens to be a really nice guy.  That's why he has been a success and why so many wrestlers are getting involved in the Headlocked series.
Obviously, I am a wrestling fan who likes comics.  Being a wrestling fan helps, but it is not necessary to enjoy Headlocked.  The comic is well-written, the artwork is outstanding and the story is an interesting one.  I look forward to talking to Michael again and to seeing the bright future of Headlocked.
Check out for more info, including their online store.  You can also follow Headlocked Comic on Facebook for updates and news.  Also, if you see a Headlocked booth at a comic con, chances are you will also see one or more wrestling legends promoting or just hanging out.  It really is one fo the most active and fun booths at any comic con.
Michael Kingston and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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