Friday, February 2, 2018

Amanda Wyss At Days of the Dead Louisville 2016

The last time I saw actress Amanda Wyss, she was sporting an arm cast, but she was a trooper and delighted fans all weekend at Days of the Dead 2012 in Indianapolis.  My recap of that can be found at The Gutsy Amanda Wyss.
Wyss costarred in such hits as Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Nightmare on Elm Street, among others.  She has also had recurring roles and guest appearances on episodic television.  Additionally, she is a popular guest at comic cons.
This time, I reconnected with Wyss at Days of the Dead Louisville 2016.  This time, she was not hindered by the cast.  She was full of energy and gladly moved around for pictures with her fans.  Last time, she was forced to sit and request that fans not hit her arm, but she still kept her fans happy!
Wyss is a great guest, eagerly talking about her roles in the iconic movies, as well as her other projects.  Once again, Days of the Dead brings in the bests guests!
Amanda Wyss and me in Louisville, KY-September 2016.


thomas said...

Isnt that JAY LENO???

Johngy said...

LOL I have heard that before. See the Jay Leno Club here on my site. Thanks for stopping by.