Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jonathan LaMantia at C2E2 2017

Jonathan LaMantia is another of my regular stops at comic cons.  Based out of Chicago, LaMantia does "mostly drawings of monsters."
The Freddy exclusive he did for the New York Comic Con a few years back is one of my favorite works of his.  It is creative, colorful, frightening and amusing.  It is just a beautiful piece.

Of course, LaMantia has created many other great pieces, too.  He has worked with full color and b/w and all of them are impressive.  Staying true to his own description as stated above, most of his creations involve monsters of some sort.
One of his creations that does not involve monsters is his version of a safety pin.  He drew the safety pin to support those who feel unsafe.  In his words, "I will do my best to provide a safe space to anyone who is in need- I will not stand idly by while acts of hate are being committed- I am here to make a difference."  It's a simple drawing, yet a powerful statement.
As much as I applaud LaMantia's artwork, I really salute his character.  By joining #safety pin, making his voice heard and donating to the ACLU, LaMantia is making a difference. 
Check out for more info, including a gallery of his work, updates and his convention calendar.  Also, follow Jonathan LaMantia on Facebook.  
Jonathan LaMantia and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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Fuji said...

That Freddy piece is sweet! Kudos to LaMantia for standing up for something so important.