Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The "Or Else" Podcast-Episode 9: Snaked By Jake

Through fan interaction with The "Or Else" podcast, someone asked us about a Mt. Rushmore of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Host Tommy Else and I thought it was an interesting topic, especially since RPro had ended, thereby creating a definite period of time.
We tweaked the question a bit to allow only talent on the active roster.  We figured it would be more interesting to eliminate other RPro people like Billy Corgan, Jacques and Gabe Baron, managers, timekeepers and the rest of the folks who helped build RPro, but never competed.
We also eliminated tag teams, although we did create a Mt. Rushmore of tag teams.  That would have to be Soul Touchaz, Lockup, Body Magic and .  I think there r
To be fair, we also created a Mt. Rushmore for managers.  Warden Myers, C Red, Colonel Corgan and Justin King were our choices and again, I don't think there can be much of an argument against these four.
The wrestler Mt. Rushmore, however, isn't nearly as clean cut.  A lot of talented wrestlers have stepped into an RPro ring.  When Billy left, there was a big turnover of talent, with a lot of new wrestlers appearing.  This creates interesting possibilities for choices.
There are no wrong answers.  Everyone has their own opinions and reasons.  Some voters went with the builders of RPro.  Others went for title success.  Some went for longevity.
As of this writing, the top four vote-getters (with the percentage of ballots naming them) are "The Ego" Robert Anthony (80%), Crazy Mary Dobson and Eric St. Vaughn/Tommy Else (^60%) and Sugar Dunkerton (46%).  Those happen to be my four choices.  My humble co-host Tommy agrees with three of those choices, but replaces himself with Cobra (who was probably my next in line).
The voting is still open.  There certainly can be change depending on the future votes.  I think Ego is safe, but you never know.
As fun as the Mt. Rushmore discussion is, there is much more on the newest episode of The "Or Else" podcast.  In Episode 9: Snaked By Jake, Tommy talks about the evening Jake "The Snake" Roberts appeared on an RPro show.  He also talks about his first match, which was set up by Mancow Muller.  We are guestless on this episode, but we packed in a lot of great stuff.  
Go to Episode 9: Snaked By Jake to hear the latest episode of  The "Or Else" podcast.  You can catch all of The "Or Else" podcast episodes on Soundcloud.
Robert Anthony and me in Willowbrook, IL-June 2014.

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