Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cuzz Buzz With Jack O'Halloran at Motor City Comic Con 2018

Johngy's Beat was all over the 2018 Motor City Comic Con. We continue featuring the great interviews we got at this year's event.
While planning our schedule, Cuzz Gekas expressed an interest in interviewing Jack O'Halloran. While Cuzz has been a huge help over the years, he has never done a solo interview and this would be perfect. As a boxing aficionado, Cuzz would have a much better perspective than I would have had. I was excited.
I am happy (and not surprised) to say that Cuzz handled it like a champ. He hit all of the major high points and served up good questions to O'Halloran.
At this point, I will turn it over to Cuzz:

Jack O’Halloran gained movie fame playing the role of Non, one of the villainous trio battling Clark Kent in the Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) films. He has also appeared in well over a dozen movies and countless television shows. However, O’Halloran’s life story is much more interesting than just his acting career.
O’Halloran was a heavyweight boxer from 1966-1974. He won the California state heavyweight championship and defeated several top contenders. O’Halloran even battled champions George Foreman and Ken Norton and was on the verge of a fight with Muhammad Ali before contract negotiations fell through. He has been inducted into both the California and New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.
Johngy and I had an opportunity to interview O’Halloran at the 2018 Motor City Comic Con. Jack was very engaging and talked about his boxing career, his transition into acting, his iconic role in the Superman movies as well as his latest projects.
Check out the interview below.

Thank you to O'Halloran for his time and consideration. Thanks as always to the Motor City Comic Con for granting us access and facilitating our interactions. Lastly, thanks to Cuzz for an excellent interview and for always making these trips a lot of fun.
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