Friday, May 25, 2018

On the Beat With Jordan Trovillion at Motor City Comic Con 2018

The last time we saw Jordan Trovillion was at C2E2, when we were both covering the media session for Daphne and Velma. It's always good to see a friendly face at these events and Jordan is one of our favorites, although I am used to seeing her on the other end of the media sessions.
Jordan was at C2E2 for Get It To The Geeks, her new show. As host, Jordan guides the audience through various segments about new movies, games, technology and other geek stuff. It's a fun combination of all things in pop culture, without being over-the-top geeky. Jordan and the crew have lots of fun and there is some silliness involved, but just the right amount to keep things entertaining and fun. It is described as a show with "local focus and global scope."
I really have enjoyed the first 11 episodes. Of course, I went into it biased, because I think Jordan is the best, but that alone couldn't continually keep my interest. I enjoy Get It To The Geeks and it is now bookmarked as a regular internet stop.
At Motor City Comic Con 2018, we talked to Jordan about Get It To The Geeks and other things happening in her world. I'll let her inform you in the interview below, but I am excited about current and future projects.
We first interviewed Jordan back in 2012. It has been awesome seeing her succeeding and venturing into many fields. She's talented, funny, determined and most of all, a real sweetheart. I always look forward to seeing Jordan at MCCC (and in movies, webshows and anywhere else).
Thank you to Jordan for her time, consideration and friendship. Go to, follow Jordan on twitter and like the Jordan page on FB to get all of her info and updates. Also, check out Get It To The Geeks and follow Get It To The Geeks on FB!
Thank you to the fine folks at the Motor City Comic Con for always putting on a fantastic event. Check out and follow MCCC on FB to stay upsated and to get the first news of the 2019 MCCC. I cant wait!

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