Monday, July 2, 2018

Friendly Encounters: PJ Soles and Cuzz Gekas

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I love this picture because it features one of my best friends with one of my all time favorite actresses who has become a friend. This is all because of Days of the Dead.
PJ is a regular celebrity guest at DotD and the continual lines to meet her speak of her wide spread and lasting popularity. Of course, her fan-friendliness plays into that as well. PJ is awesome with the fans.
One of the cool things about PJ's career is her roles in classic movies. CarrieStripes, Halloween, Private Benjamin, Breaking Away and Rock 'n' Roll High School are just a few of her popular movies. Of course, the full list is very long and stretches back to 1973. One other underrated movie is The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, starring John Travolta.
I have been a fan of PJ's a long time. Meeting her the first time was awesome, but it became even better every time after that. We have talked a lot and I even got to interview her once, which can be found at On the Beat With PJ Soles.
I am fortunate to have had Cuzz Gekas join me for every Days of the Dead Indy event. Over the years, he has joined me in the PJ visits and discussions. Cuzz is a huge help, but more importantly, I have a lot of fun with him.
Sometimes, when Cuzz and I are talking to PJ, I just get that out-of-body surreal feeling. Back when I first saw PJ with the Ramones, I had no clue that I would ever be talking to her with one of my friends. It is alway a weird, but great feeling.
Days of the Dead has provided so many great moments like these. I have become friends with many of the celebrities, workers and fans. I have had great times with Cuzz and others who have joined me.
The next DotD is in Chicago from November 16-18. I'll be there as usual. I',m already looking forward to reconnecting with everyone. Hopefully, Cuzz will join me there.
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PJ Soles and Cuzz Gekas in Indianapolis, IN-June 2018.

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