Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Johngy's Beat Shirts: Lucy Mendez

Lucy Mendez was one of my favorite performers at Resistance Pro Wrestling. She was as tough as could be in the ring and as sweet as could be outside of the ring.
Lucy asked for a Johngy's Beat shirt and I gave her one of course. She posted a pic on social media, which was cool enough, but she surprised me by actually wearing it at an RPro event, held at St. Francis de Sales near my childhood home ironically. The shirt never looked better!
Lucy hasn't wrestling much in the Chicago area in the last few years, but she is still active elsewhere. When she isn't wrestling, I know she is cheering for her beloved St. Louis Cardinals. She is a huge and knowledgeable fan. I always enjoyed talking a litle baseball with her on and off camera.
Thank you to Lucy for this picture and for her support. I hope to see her in action around here again sometime.
Lucy Mendez and me in Chicago, IL-March 2014.

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