Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The "Or Else" Podcast: Episode 24: Deliverance

The latest episode of The "Or Else" podcast is now on Soundcloud. In Episode 24: Deliverance, Tommy Else and I continue retelling Tommy's story in Resistance Pro Wrestling.
At this point in the story, the reality show has been picked up by AMC and things are exciting. There was an awesome buzz within the company and a growing level of interest outside of the company.
I always loved when my friends attended RPro shows. I liked that I could bring fans to RPro and I liked that I could provide an entertaining evening for my friends, whether they were wrestling fans or not.
My longtime bud Jason Fleigel is a longtime wrestling fan. Watching a show with Jason was always extra fun, because he really got into the shows. I also liked being responsible for Jason meeting several big name wrestlers, like Justin Credible.
At this point in the story, RPro is about at the climax of its' existence. If there was a narrator to this, he would say that RPro was riding high, but there were storm clouds brewing which would tear it all apart.
There are lots of fun stories coming up on The "Or Else" podcast. Then there will be some controversial stories and just plain sad stories. The "Or Else" podcast is on episode 24, but there is plenty more to come.
Check out Episode 24: Deliverance on Soundcloud. You can also listen to all of The "Or Else" podcast episodes on the main page of The "Or Else" Network on Soundcloud. While you're there, you should give a listen to Losing Friends, Tommy's other podcast. Tommy and Jesus Bryce discuss a variety of topics of interest to all.
Jason Fleigel, Justin Credible and me in Willowbrook, IL-May 2018.

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