Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rich Nye, Signature Strength and Champions

Rich Nye pitched with the Chicago Cubs from 1966-1969.  He split the 1970 season between the Montreal Expos and the St. Louis Cardinals.  He finished with a record of 26-31 with an ERA of 3.71.  He has since been a very successful veterinarian in the Chicago area.
I met Nye many years ago at AU Sports Memorabilia Store, but I saw him recently at the Signature Strength book launch party for Champions.  Nye's former teammate Fergie Jenkins was profiled in the book co-written by George Castle and John Schenk.
It was great to see Nye come out to support his friend and the cause.  Nye and Jenkins were teammates over 45 years ago, yet they remained close over the years.  Going together through the grind of several seasons will form bonds like that.
Signature Strength also causes that type of reaction.  Many people came out just to support the athletes, signature Strength and the book.  I saw the family and friends of so many o those involved.  It was exciting and heartwarming.
Signature Strength is headed by John who has his own fascinating story and could have very well been one of the profiles in Champions.  John is a champion in every sense of the word.
Champions is just the latest of the projects Signature Strength has undertaken.  Their motto says it all, "Through sports-themed literature and more, our Mission is to help young people identify and maximize their unique strengths so they can achieve true success in their lives."  It's about overcoming obstacles and and using lessons learned to achieve greatness.
Check out for more info on this wonderful company.  You can also purchase Champions and other books there.
Rich Nye and me in Chicago, IL-March 2018.

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