Friday, August 10, 2018

Lilian Garcia at Wizard World 2010

Wizard World Chicago 2018 starts next Thursday, August 23 and runs through Sunday, August 26. With Wizard World fast approaching, I am featuring some of the many great moments I have had there.
Lilian Garcia is one of the classiest women to ever grace a WWE ring.  Despite working in the wild, over-the-top industry, Garcia did not get drawn into the sometimes raunchy bits.
She worked for the WWE from 1999 through 2016, when she retired to take care of her ailing father.  She has made a few random appearances since then.  As a ring announcer, she sometimes got drawn into various storylines or segments and was involved in a few matches, she stayed above the fray for the vast majority of her career.
Being an attractive, young woman in the wrestling business, especially during the "Attitude Era," could not have been easy.  Staying away from the more adult-oriented parts would make it even harder.
While others pretty much bared all, Garcia never did.  She wore revealing or sexy outfits at times, but always remained classy.  I can't think of another young woman who can claim the same over such a long period of time.
Along with being the Ring Announcer, Garcia also sang the National Anthem for big WWE events.  She has a fantastic voice and has several recordings in English and Spanish.
Jason and I had the pleasure of meeting her at Wizard World.  Wizard World is a great place to meet wrestlers.  Mixed in with so many celebrities from other professions, wrestlers often have lines shorter than what they would have in a separate appearance.
Go to or the Lilian Garcia Official Fan Page on Facebook to learn more abouther and to get updates.  You should also check out to see their show schedules and their celebrity guest lineups.
Jason Fleigel, Lilian Garcia and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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She's so nice and classy! Miss her at shows!