Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Malcolm McDowell at Flashback Weekend 2016

Flashback Weekend is returning to Rosemont from this Friday through Sunday. It is a weekend of fun, celebrity guests and all sorts of events.
Cuzz Gekas and I met legendary actor Malcolm McDowell a couple years ago. McDowell costarred in Clockwork Orange in the early part of his lengthy career. Well over 100 movies later, Malcolm is still going strong.
I have heard from a few fans that he was a bit gruff, but I think they were just intimidated by his presence. The man is a great actor and carries himself with quiet dignity. He silently demands respect (and he totally has earned it). Whenever I met Malcolm, including at Flashback Weekend with Cuzz, he was awesome. He was friendly and as talkative as could be in the setting. Every meeting with him was a positive one.
I always look forward to Flashback Weekend. It is filled with actors, authors, creators and other interesting people. I have met so many famous and great people (like Malcolm), as well as gaining several friends. It's really like a friend reunion with celebrity guests invited.
Check out and the Flashback Weekend Facebook page for more info and updates. Malcolm probably won't be there this year, although you never really know. Cuzz and I will be there and "On the Beat" all weekend.
Malcolm McDowell, Cuzz Gekas and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

Have fun! Hope you meet some great people!