Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mascot Week: Swiper

This is Mascot Week.  All week. I shall be featuring some of my favorite mascots.

Obviously, I have had many pictures with Swiper. I have spent a lot of time with him and the in-game entertainment crew of the Chicago Bandits in the bullpen during games.
Swiper has been entertaining fans for 14 seasons. I don't know his species, but he is one of the better looking mascots.
The official duties of Swiper include, waving, giving high-fives, posing with fans and promoting the Bandits through various appearances at community events. Having been around Swiper for 5+ seasons, I have seen him do his duties to the fullest. While the Bandits themselves are the main attraction, Swiper has a loyal and rabid fan base. I never miss the chance at a picture with the big blue mascot.
As a little side note, I almost was part of the Swiper history. I was at the ball park very early doing interviews and the usual Swiper was running late. I gleefully volunteered to fill in until Swiper arrived. Unfortunately, due to liability concerns, my offer was politely declined. Fortunately, Swiper arrived in time anyway.
We are still a few months away from the start of National Pro Fastpitch, but i am looking out for any promotional event. Maybe I will see Swiper then, but if not, I look forward to hanging with the Swiper crew at the Bandits games.
You can go to for more info on the team. You can also follow the Chicago Bandits on Facebook for updates.
Swiper and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2017.

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