Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Primo Cardinalli At Motor City Comic Con 2017

Motor City Comic Con is about a month away. On May 17-19, I'll be in Novi, MI ensconced in pop culture greatness. Until then, I am recalling some of my favorite bits from my many years of covering the MCCC.
Primo Cardinalli didn't call himself a professional artist until his mid-40's. His path to becoming an artist is a fascinating tale of talent and perseverance. He has overcome struggles, including literally being a starving artist. Fortunately, Primo stuck with his skills and is still producing awesome artwork.
A self-described "monster kid" growing up, Primo explains that he mostly paints "monsters and dead things from movies." One of my favorite pieces is titled, "What's Under Your Bed?"
With a colorful past, a similarly colorful look and beautiful creations, Primo stands out in Artist Alley. Primo's booth is a yearly stop for me at Motor City Comic Con. I always look forward to catching up with him and seeing his new pieces.
Follow Primo Cardinalli on Facebook to get frequent updates and images of his creations. You can also follow Primo Cardinalli on Patreon. Go to to get all of the info on this year's event, including the celebrity guest list and schedule.
Primo Cardinalli and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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