Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Heading to Motor City Comic Con

In a few weeks, I will heading to the Motor City Comic Con. This year, the MCCCC is being held on Friday, May 18 through Sunday, May 20.  As usual, it will be at the Suburban Collection Showplace.
I have been going to the MCCC for many years and I have so many great memories and pictures.  It was one of the first cons I ever attended and it remains a yearly stop on my con schedule. Leading up to MCCC, I will be recalling some of my favorite moments from all of my years at MCCC.
Novi is an easy 5ish hour drive for me.  Unfortunately, I will not be driving the cool MCCC van you see below.  While I am sure that would be a fun ride, they are not offering that to fans or the press.
Whenever I write about the MCCC, I always feel compelled to mention how the folks in charge have really done a great job of improving the logistics and experience as the convention really started to grow.  They have a lot of staffers on hand everywhere to minimize problems and to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Check MotorCityComicCon.com for all of the info and stay tuned here for a sampling of the great celebrities, artists and more I have met at MCCC. It's always full of talented folks from all over the pop culture universe!
The official vehicle of MCCC 207 and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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