Monday, May 20, 2019

Friend Encounters: Richie Ramone and Joey Roth

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

If his hair was darker, Joey Roth could be one of the Ramones. He's a knowledgeable enough fan to pull it off, too.
At Chicago Pop Culture Con last year, I was there to witness Joey meet Richie Ramone. Richie was there in part to promote I Know Better Now: My Life Before, During and After the Ramones, his recently published book. The meeting of Richie and Joey was epic (at least in Joey's mind).
In all seriousness, Joey was excited to meet Richie, as was I. The Ramones do not make many appearances these days. For fans like Joey and me, this was pretty cool.
Richie is pretty much considered the best drummer the Ramones ever had. He is the only drummer to have sung lead vocals on Ramones songs. Joey Ramone gave Richie credit for saving the Ramones and putting the spirit back in the band. That's high praise from Joey considering the amount of discourse in the band over the years.
Meanwhile, Joey Roth credits himself with saving the Chicago wrestling scene. One of Joey's idols is Rowdy Roddy Piper and it shows in Joey's work and style. I haven't seen Joey wrestle, but I have heard his work on the mic and with a crowd. He has the charisma and the verbal sparring ability to capture a crowd, whether they are with him or against him.
At Chicago Pop Culture Con, I had the pleasure of interviewing Richie. That interview can be found at On the Beat with Richie Ramone. I have yet to interview Joey, but he is on my radar and it will appear right here when it happens.
You can get more info on Richie at You can follow Joey on social media and also check him out at POWW Entertainment.
You can catch Joey all over the Chicago area wrestling scene. You can also find "The best damn villain ever" at Joey Roth on Facebook. Hopefully, I will catch Joey at an event and add him to my interview resume.
Joey Ramone and Richie Ramone in St. Charles, IL-November 2018.

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