Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ron Fitzgerald at Flashback Weekend 2018

Flashback Weekend returns to Rosemont this weekend. While I look forward to the three days of fun, I recall some of the great memories I have from previous years.
Ron Fitzgerald is an actor, gothic illusionist, host and more. He has appeared in multiple films and has performed live many times. As "Master of the Dark Realm," Fitzgerald's performances are filled with his dark and quick humor.
One of Fitzgerald's coolest projects is Dark Realm, a film from 2012. Fitzgerald co-wrote it (with Vincent Bilancio) and also starred in it. His co-star was our old friend Kaylee Williams, who we interviewed at On the Beat With Kaylee Williams.
Dark Realm is the story of a Master Illusionist whose success might be tied to evil forces. Featuring Fitzgerald's gothic illusion performances, Dark Realm is a uniquely entertaining film.
Fitzgerald has been a regular celebrity guest at Flashback Weekend and he will once again be there. His booth is always very fun and visually appealing. I always make sure to catch up with him every time, because he always has some dark project in the works.
Check for more info and scheduling. Also, go to and Ron Fitzgerald's "Dark Realm" on Facebook for more info.
Ron Fitzgerald and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2018.

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