Wednesday, September 18, 2019

David Herro and GLCW are 24K

This Saturday night, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling returns with "24K" in Cedarburg, WI. The show name is a reference to headliner Dustin Rhodes, who made the "Goldust" character amajor success. I am sure Dustin would agree that David Herro is also 24K.
David has been promoting great wrestling shows for years. I have attended many of his shows and I will be there this Saturday. I always am highly entertained.
There is always a great energy at these shows. The crowd is hot, because the matches feature excellent wrestling. I have seen many of my favorite wrestlers in action and even in the crowd. I have also reconnected with many Wisconsin wrestling friends.
I join many others in looking forward to seeing Dustin. He is a total class act and a great guest. I recently met him in Indianapolis, where he looked fantastic and was great with the fans.
Also great with the fans is David. He works hard to present an entertaining show. While he is usually pretty busy, he always has time to greet fans and chat a bit. He really makes all feel welcome and makes it special.
I am also looking forward to seeing his son Kal wrestle. Kal made his debut earlier this year, but I have yet to see him in action. I have seen Kal grow from a happy kid into a quality young man. I always admired the father-son relationship between the two. Kal has a bright future. He has the looks, charisma and intangibles to go far in wrestling if he continues down that path. With papa David in his corner, he will be a champ in any field he chooses.
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David Herro and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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