Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mad Man Pondo at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2017

I have interviewed hundreds of celebrities, a lot of whom were wrestlers. Although some were pretty big names, very few ever had me hesitant. Madman Pondo was one of those.
Pondo has a well-earned reputation for being a hardcore wrestler. He is world-famous, having also appeared in movies, video games, comic books and more. I simply did not know what to expect from him. Much to my relief, what I got was a completely nice guy.
I have had the pleasure of being around Pondo for several; years with Resistance Pro and now The Resistance. Pondo has been the consummate professional. I have seen him tutor young wrestlers (and veterans, too). I have seen him set up and tear down rings, proving he is willing to do the little things. He is always up for an interview and they are always fun with him. He is sort of like your cool uncle.
Last year, Pondo published Memoirs of a MadMan. It is 340 pages of Pondo's life in and out of the ring. He started as a fan and has carved out (pun intended) a successful career. It's a fun and interesting read. If you happen to have the opportunity to have him sign it, he might even do one of his trademark drawings, because once again, Pondo gives the fans more than expected!
You can check out Memoirs of a MadMan on Amazon. You can also check out Pondo at any of his Girl Fight events or at The Resistance shows.
Pondo and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2017.

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