Monday, December 16, 2019

Friend Encounters: Valentine Bennett and Lori Myers

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

A couple months ago, my HeroTV co-host PL Myers and I ventured out to the music studio of Valentine Bennett. We had the double pleasure of interviewing him and hearing a bit of his music live.
We talked to Valentine about his writing process, his music idols, how the industry changed and more. Our HeroTV interview with Valentine can be found at HeroTV 2019 Episode 8: Valentine Bennett.
Accompanying us was PL's wife Lori,a big supporter of ours and (probably) a bigger fan of Valentine's. Lori has been known to steer us to some great interviews and such was the case again with Valentine.
I was not familiar with Valentine's music, but I am always open to new sounds. Plus, meeting him and hearing him play his music right in front of us was a very cool experience.
After the interview, Valentine was kind enough to give me one of his CDs. On my way home, I gave it Live Love Laugh a listen and really enjoyed it. In fact, I listened to it several times over the next few days and I liked it more each time. Since then, I have looked up more of his music and I am now a fan (although, probably not as big as Lori).
Valentine says things really clicked for him when he made his writing more personal. He was writing from his heart and things fell into place.
I really appreciate Valentine for his time and consideration. It was a fun experience. Valentine gained a new fan and I gained new music.
After you watch our interview, go to for more info. Also, follow Valentine on Facebook. where Valentine goes live occasionally to perform music.
Valentine Bennett and Lori Myers in McHenry, IL-September 2019.

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