Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Birthday Jim

Today I am celebrating the birthday of my bud Jim Gekas. I am sure Jimmy is celebrating somewhere today, but I am saluting him here.
Our paths probably crossed at DePaul in the mid 80s, but I became friends with Jimmy in the late 90s, after he followed his brother Chuck into Lerner Newspapers. Over the years, Jimmy has become one of my best friends.
We've had a lot of fun over the years on baseball trips, Michigan football trips and even a Detroit Red Wings trip. As the loudest snorers, we have been roommates most of the time. It's always fun racing each other to fall asleep before the snoring kicks in high gear.
We don't need to travel to have fun either. We can entertain ourselves with highly-spirited discussions debating Jerry Morales versus Greg Gross or other such important topics. Okay, actually, Jim usually just sort of goes along with me, but I appreciate that even more.
Among his many great qualities is his interest in trying different restaurants and thereby trying to get me to join him. If it wasn't for Jim, Village Inn would be my only option.
While I won't see Jim today, I will buy him lunch the next time we meet. Maybe it will even be at Village Inn. Until then, happy birthday Jimmy!
Chuck Gekas, Jason Farber, Louie Atsaves, Jim Gekas, me and John Roelke in Washington, DC-June 2019.

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Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Jim