Monday, March 2, 2020

Friend Encounters: Mick Foley and Felissa Rose

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Felissa Rose gained stardom for her role in Sleepaway Camp, which has become a cult classic. Felissa acted sporadically for a while, but has been very busy the last several years. In addition to her acting career, Felissa is one of the most popular celebrity guests on the comic con circuit.
I met and interviewed Felissa many years ago and have become such a fan of hers on a professional and personal level. She is definitely one of the best scream queens, but she is also a total sweetheart. She is one of the most lively, personable people at any convention. If Felissa is around, there will be laughs, hugs and lots of great times.
Felissa is not shy about meeting her favorite celebrities either. The first time I was with Felissa, she asked for cuts in front of me to meet Ace Frehley. Of course, I did not refuse Felissa. It was extra cool just seeing her interact with Ace, too.
Last year, Felissa met wrestling legend Mick Foley at a comic con. The picture shows two of my favorites. I have met and interviewed Mick several times. He is another great celebrity guest at a con.
In addition to comic cons, Mick is having his own tour. Mick's #NiceDay Tour is going all over the country. I was lucky enough to have seen him in a similar tour several years ago and it is a fantastic show. Mick has a great way with stories and he has some hilarious and interesting tales.
Go to for more info on Mick and his tour. Also, follow Felissa at @Felissa_Rose on twitter.
Mick Foley and Felissa Rose in Lexington, KY-September 2019.

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